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Bulk file processing tool is an easy to use file processor allows to carry out customized repeated operations on multiple files easily. With this tool, you can instruct the tool to process files in entire directories and subdirectories at once with a powerful preview and with multiple tools. It was designed to be easy to use yet powerful enough to handle some of the most complex repeatable tasks.

The very basic functionality it provides is that it allows to rename file names in batch. More over you can craft file operations by extending this tool to carry out complex file operations like folder cleanup, file content search, rename photos with EXIF metadata, rename MP3 file using ID3 tags etc.

This tool is developed using Cinchoo - An application framework for .NET. It is the working example of using some of the key features of Cinchoo framework.

This tool provides following features

  1. Simplified GUI interface, compose and run file operations.
  2. Can run as console mode (passing /#AM:Console as command line argument)
  3. Can run as tray application (on minimizing the window)
  4. Compose and Save multiple profiles
  5. Preview the file operations

Out of the box, with this tool you can perform basic file renaming operations like

  1. Add date/time stamps
  2. Rename files, folders and both
  3. Change the case of file names
  4. Regular Expression support
  5. Append Dates in many formats
  6. Auto-number files
  7. Preview the new names
  8. Process sub directories (Recursion)
  9. All settings retained between sessions
  10. 32-bit or 64-bit support
  11. Command line support
  12. Automatic copy/move renaming files
  13. Perform file name transformation using .NET string methods
  14. Extend it via plug-in architecture
  15. Save the settings as profiles
  16. Undo support
  17. 'Bulk file processing...' windows explorer extension


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